Kids Say the Darndest Things

On the Fastcat ferry to the Isle of Wight today (bear in mind this is sat in Portsmouth Harbour, on the south coast of England). Across the other side of the boat are a mother and her two kids.

Kid 1, every few seconds saying “Look, there’s a ….” trying to point out things which clearly don’t belong in the harbour. Eventually…

Kid 1: Look, a great white shark.

Kid 2: It can’t be. Sharks don’t live in salty water, only octopusses do.

Parent: This is salty water. There’s the sea.

Kid 1: See, so it was a shark.

Moments later…

Kid 1: Look, there’s a terrapin with the head of a velociraptor.


A few minutes later, as the boat is turning to head out of port…

Kid 1: It’s too bright to see. My eyes are nearly falling out of my head

Finally, as the boat heads out…

Kid 1: Look. They sunk the hovercrast and now the velociraptors are eating the people inside.

Seriously – where does a child get an overactive imagination like that?