Back again

After somewhat of a hiatus and much soul searching I’ve decided to resume writing on this blog. As I get older, more mature (debate able) and more experienced I have been itching to get writing again.

My business, having gone through its fair share of ups and downs, is now safely in growth mode. It is my responsibility to ensure that the business remains focused, which includes reviewing my own ambitions and assessing where my strengths lie.

We live in increasingly interesting times. In terms of information technology it seems innovation, new use cases and new ideas are constantly appearing and evolving. I watch with fascination as the world around me is constantly changing.

This blog was always meant to be educational as well as fun. It was also a personal soap box for my various rants and idle observations. It occurs to me that I shouldn’t kick the opportunity and habit of writing, as I believe my contributions can be useful and in many ways valuable.

I will try to focus and raise the bar on quality – more thoughtful and intelligent debate. In the meanwhile I just need to rekindle the desire to write. This is day one.