Daft Technology 2

Google Hangouts system seems to have a weird bug (seen on Nexus 4, Nexus 7 and HTC device). When a correspondent is writing a message, the chat screen scrolls up a little. The latest message disappears.

It’s incredibly annoying, since the reader has to scroll back down to see new messages. There is no obvious cause. Others have reported it on the bugs list; forums and elsewhere online, but it’s been running like this for at least a year – sometimes it works and other times it doesn’t.

What could cause such a fundamental UI behaviour to fail? I want to embrace these systems, but they’re making it pretty difficult to adopt.

If you create a meeting in your calendar on Android, the Google Now agent will ‘helpfully’ notify you when it’s time to leave. Great, but it’s not smart enough to know that you’ve already left.

A number of times I’ve left for a meeting (with, say, a half hour drive) and suddenly the phone notification sounds, informing me that ‘to be on time, I should leave now’.

Such a simple thing to detect, surely – the phone knows that I’m on the move – but it seems this logic was too easily overlooked.