Microsoft switches UK Mapping to

Oh dear. What have they done? Microsoft have put a redirect in for UK users from their usual mapping site to MultiMap.

MultiMap is a new acquisition of Microsoft, and for those unfamiliar it’s an awfully ad-laden website with nowhere near the features of Users are truely peed off that they’ve been relegated to this lower quality website.

While MultiMap brings across Bird’s Eye view from its brother, it doesn’t seem to fare very well. I tried the Bird’s Eye view (as linked from their homepage), went slightly South (‘up’) and got a really corrupted screen

Google Maps Mobile v2 – using Cell ID

Google have just released Version 2 of their Google Maps Mobile, with the most obvious feature being the ability to locate the user even if they don’t have GPS – using the current Cell ID.

From the press release “[GPS technology] is supported on fewer than 15 percent of the mobile phones expected to be sold in 2007”

Go get it now, point your phone to