Mashup Event Review

A few days ago I ventured into our glorious Capital to get a peek of some of the newest ventures in the UK tech/web industry. The event was organised by the folks of mashup* Event (that is Simon, Julia and Tony) and hosted at Sun Microsystems’ Regis House in central London.

After a long period of wandering chatting to various teams we convened in the presentation suite to begin the formal demos. To get through the number of demos (sixteen) in time each presentation was strictly limited to five minutes.

My entry was free on the condition I write about the event and the demos seen, which I’m naturally happy to do! But rather than pull this post out into one large article I’ll break it into bitesize chunks over a few days. This will also give me a chance to follow up on some bits and pieces.

Quick summary? Mobile phones and social networking are featured prominently, and often together. Community-building remains strong, and video is a featured (or core) aspect of many of these applications.