Every Domain is Gone

Armed with domaintools.com and an overactive imagination I have been searching for a new domain name for the last few days to fit a suite of website assistance tools I’ve been working on.

It’s tough. I have the mentality of a person who needs a dotcom, but they’re taken either by squatters or people who registered the site for 8 years and has done precisely nothing with them.

Seriously – today’s inspiration was kites. I don’t know why. Tried flyakite.com, redkite.com, bigkite.com but they’re gone. Section6.com (I have no idea either…) was taken. Letter6.com was gone (who the hell wants letter6.com?)

I want something vaguely clever (kites and other words aren’t clever, but what the heck is 37signals all about? People seem to remember those guys…) but I lack inspiration and I tire of dictionaries easily.

doihavetime.com is about the best I’ve ever had, and I should’ve kept thebloghouse.com (it was quickly snapped up after I let it lapse, I think).

Anyway, no point to this post other than yet another rant (/goes to check domain exists….ooh, yetanotherrant.com is free :o)