Sven’s Signs Review

I went to see Signs t’other night. Great movie with quite a few “jump in your seat” bits – although the ending was (as everybody kept telling me) an anti-climax. Basically aliens invade the planet, and they leave signs for themselves to co-ordinate their attacks, in the form of – you guessed it – crop circles. Unfortunately the movie is flaky in several places.

Here’s one bit I don’t get: in the movie they say that all the past crop circles were fake, made by big men with large wooden boards and way too much free time. If that’s true it’s a bit of a coincidence that aliens use *exactly the same* sort of patterns in crops themselves when they come to invade. I mean, it’s not as if the fakers thought “ooh, aliens definitely use this technique – let’s fake them” because there were no previous aliens attack (that I remember) – so what? The fakers pre-empted the crop circles that aliens would use when they eventually come down to earth?


Also, there was not enough of stuff being blown up for my liking. If I watch an alien invasion movie I at least expect to see one spaceship shooting a building into rubble. It’s almost a given. Even War of the Worlds had it.

In my view, if you want to see a mediocre movie with some tense moments and good acting, see this movie. If not, go do some knitting or something.

Sven gives this 5/10.