Stay Away, I’m Contageous

I have a cold.

I seem to be really lucky – I only get a cold once a year, if that, and it usually passes within 48 hours. I remember somebody telling me that you can’t “catch a cold” from one person. I’m not sure how much truth there is but it all makes sense. They said that in fact what we know of as a cold is around 150 seperate virii all bundled together, and your body just gets overwhelmed; and since you might only transmit, say, 20 virii in a sneeze it follows that to catch a cold you have to be exposed to several people with seperate infections within a limited period of time. It would also explain why scientists haven’t yet developed an all-round cure.

The short solution is – become an introvert. Live in your room, and never talk to anybody. Never kiss. Never snuggle. Never share a can of coke. I wonder if these kids ever got a cold?