Thinking Hurts

It amazes me that one person can have 700 CDs. That’s a hell of a value in there. If you reckon that each CD was bought for a fiver, that’s 3,500 worth of CDs (what’s that? About $/5,200?). And a fiver is optimistic – at least in this country if they’re brand new.

Apparantly one of the main things people steal from student digs are CDs. Because they hold quite a lot of value in a fairly small space. All the more reason to convert everything to MP3!

I just had a quick look around my room. I reckon I have about 250 CDs. I also have a stock of old CDs that I won’t throw away, from old PC cover disks to AOL & Compserve “A billion free hours” offers. I think it’s a real waste to ditch them. So I usually hoard them in a corner and use them for novelty coasters.

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