The Big Font

A useful reference for font sizing inconsistencies shows that there are still a few bugs with the ways browsers render fonts as set by different properties (pixel, em, keyword, etc.). I use all three in different places on different sites I run, and am still not happy with the best one to use. At the moment I’m sticking with pixels because keywords are horribly inconsistent across browsers and ems have some wierd bugs in IE. I am also vaguely interested by those scripts popping up that let you resize a page by clicking +/- buttons – I may install one of those.

Also of note, the Asilomar Institute for Information Architecture has just been launched (well, a few weeks ago) with some interesting and influencial heading the team. I may consider becoming a member when their website grows a bit. Although the president, who doubles as Interaction! Designer! at! Yahoo! Inc! has a very daunting homepage.