Domo Kun

I keep seeing pictures of this wierd little brown furry thing and finally discovered what it was.

[ image no longer exists ]

It’s called Domo Kun, a little character created in Japan (…wierd character….made in Japan….naaaah…). I’m downloading some clips from, and it’s all very dodgy. Very surreal. Have a look at a few if you’re bored and have broadband.

Update: Just found a Japanese translation of what ‘Domo’ is (this is a direct quote!):

“DOMO is a strange creature born from an egg. One day he fell into Usajii’s house,the old rabbit likes TV. After that he began to love watching TV. He is gentle and strong. When he is in a bad mood,he breaks wind.”

Also I think this program also features an alcoholic bat called Shinobu. How about that.