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Okay, a small confession here. I really am apprehensive about buying online. Although I’ve used the Internet for seven years now, I only started buying online in the last twelve months – I trust the security on the server but I don’t trust the webmasters at the other end. Far more exploits have been made by hackers getting into a web database of customers’ details than have been done breaching SSL protocol.

This evening I ordered a new book from Amazon, and was very slightly concerned that they’d kept my debit card details in a database for future reference. This is something I personally am not keen on at all. All the other shops I’ve dealt or worked with (eBuyer, 1DO3, Ghoulnet, Virtual Names) have not saved my details but instead asked for them again – something which I have no second thought about. However Amazon have kept my details online in a large database with huge value to a hacker.

Perhaps I’m paranoid – please let me know what you think about all of this – I’m sure somebody of Amazon‘s size have their interests vested in keeping their software up-to-date and patched but still they are a potential attack point and, if anything, more likely than the other sites I mention.

I guess I’m going to have to get used to this online buying business though…..

3 thoughts on “Buying Stuff Online”

  1. If you were the victim of some sort of online fraud, if you were singled out by the hax0rs who got into aazon your Card Company would most likely refund you what you lost. Most companys do it. I wouldnt worry about it, its the same thing if its hackers or punks down the local cinema copying your credit card numbers. Infact you’d probably be safer paying online.Duh

  2. Obviously written by someone with little or absolutly no real ‘up-2-date’ knowledge on hackingYou explain how the Bank would ‘refund’ your money. If this is the case then couldn’t we all just haq ourselves and say, ‘i think i’ve been hacked’ ?In my opinion online-banking is never safe as long as there are haqers abd believe me there will allways be hackersBesides, hacking is the backbone of computer technolagy.

  3. a herf=’ This/a then a href=’’this/a. Ofcourse we could ‘haq ourselves’, but that would be against the law, same as we could all torch our houses and then buy a bigger one. Fact is, the banks will underwrite the losses, because they make more money when people use the cards online, and they can just delay payments to the retailer. I know somebody who had his card nicked before he got it in the post, twice, and someone went on a ps2 buying spree. The cost to him? Zilch. Its the same offline as it is online.

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