In an attempt to get marks for versioning in our uni coursework I installed CVS and suggested that everybody use Eclipse, a very capable and free(!) IDE for Java.

Since then I’ve grown quite interested in CVS as a whole, and am considering using it for the Blogwise code. Unfortunately I couldn’t instantly find a suitable IDE for PHP with CVS built in. I tried WinCVS but I have had problems with it from day one and it has some odd quirks/defaults.

However, TortoiseCVS is up there in ‘quite cool’ land. When you create a new repository or check out one on your hard disk it recognises this and colours all your files differently within that directory. The files are tinted red if they’re out of sync with the server, then turn a nice green once they’re committed. I’m going to give it a few more days of testing before I start giving it my full thumbs up, but if you’re interested it can be had at