Picking Up

Despite the stacks of work to do, I’m really keen to redesign this blog very shortly. I want to split it up into several areas, which will hopefully filter the content so that it’s more useful. For example, I’ll have one filter for all the posts about Blogwise (I’ll then link from Blogwise to that blog instead of running a seperate blog). I’ll have another about HTML & browsers (since I seem to moan for/against Opera all the time!), and another as a personal journal.

Anyway, this is all ‘in the works’. In the meantime this tool for finding colour harmonies looks quite useful. I can usually knock up a website with no major faults but I’m no designer, and having sensible hues is something I will happily defer to a PHP script!

(Oh, I’m getting into RSS aggregation in a big way, so expect XML…..)