Time Zones for PCs?

I got a slightly odd email t’other day, from timezoneforpcs.com. Not knowing whether it was spam or not I searched on Google and found a rather interesting attempt at spamming Google itself!

I still haven’t figured out whether the program itself is a virus or whether it’s a geniune product (actually the latter looks true; the main site has quite a lot of detail). If anybody has happened to come across this before do tell!

5 thoughts on “Time Zones for PCs?”

  1. I also received an email from this company. It was a quote for a multi-user license for TimeZones. I’ve never even heard of that software. The email was addressed to a non-existent username, dave@mydomain.com. My catch-all account kept it from being bounced back to the sender. I have no idea what this is about, but I suspect it is a new form of spam. If you reply to inform them of the error, they have your address and domain. Then it’s bombs away I am digging in the headers and tracking IPs to try to figure out the origin. I will let you know if I find anything of value.

  2. I got the same e-mail. Also addressed to ‘Dave Joyce’ using ‘dave@my-domain’. Time to sick Spamcop on them.

  3. Same problem with my domain must admit it’s better than a ‘You’ve won money’ spam, but only just.Extracted part of the header below – seem familiar to anyone?Received: from timezoneforpcs.com 1Cust22.tnt17.nashville.tn.da.uu.net []

  4. I was looking at my logfile for my website and saw repeated fetches of my front page saying they came from timezoneforpcs.com which of course doesn’t really have a link to my site — I think they just wanted me to go to their site and see their offer of giving money to people who link to them

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