Movie Review: Wrong Turn

As clichéed horror movies go Wrong Turn is fairly middle of the road.

The plot is simple. The lead character is travelling cross country and takes a shortcut to avoid traffic. After an accident he winds up stranded in the woods along with a group of five friends who are also stuck. Terror is sure to ensue as a group of blood-thirsty inbred mutants chase them down…

The storyline is fairly shallow and the movie is only slightly recovered by a few gruesome and high tension moments. To be honest it’s not really even that scary. Eliza Dushku from Buffy fame is cast well as the strong and resiliant Jessie and Desmond Harrington also gives a good performance, although I suspect the movie will take a low profile in their portfolios.

Number of times I jumped: 1 (Axe scene)
Storyline: 3/10
Casting: 4/10
Effects: 3/10
Overall: 3/10