Blogger API

I spent quite a bit of today getting our blog editor to support Blogger API. Once done it should let users post using a variety of tools (I, for one, am looking forward to blogging from my mobile 🙂 — tools I’ve used/tried today:

BlogBuddy – nice and small. Very sensitive to API errors, so not a good program to test with. No WYSIWYG — it’s just pure HTML, which is a shame and it’s been undeveloped for over a year, which is a great shame.

w.bloggar – very powerful but the interface is quite confusing at first. It’s counter to what I want (a simple interface).

Mozblog – I use Mozilla all the time so this would’ve been ideal. Unfortunately it’s incredibly buggy to the point that it’s unuseable. Shame – I like the idea of this and look forward to future versions!

PowerBlog – this is nice and tidy. Simple to use, but introduces ‘plops’ which seem to refer to places you can blog – absolutely awful word if you ask me… has a brilliant debug feature, so I’m using it currently to debug the server.

Here are the Blogger API implementations. Green means I’ve implemented it. Red means it needs to be done. Gray means that it’s not going to be implemented:


If I get a chance I’ll also implement the metaWeblog and MT extensions. I’m also looking forward to implementing the Echo API when it’s finally done.