Happy days

Today was the hottest day on record in Britain. I’m all for global warming if this is what we can expect 😀

Anyway, serious stuff now – just trying to remember classic programs:

The Krypton Factor – the flight simulator rocked.
Blockbusters – I always thought it was unfair one person had to be by themselves while the other two paired up!?
Dungeons & Dragons – don’t get me started on that bloody unicorn
Knightmare – Blue screen escapades with dodgy acting. Genius.
Parallel 9 – Saturday morning crap-fest with a sheep called Nobby.
Motormouth – Same as above, except replace sheep with Neil Buchanen.
— Side note – was it Motormouth that had a huge life-size game of Mouse Trap in it?
The Tomorrow People – Just too cool for other words.
Dynamo Duck – Crime solving canard. Very funny stuff.
Going for Gold – Brits had obvious advantage with language barrier!
Fun House – I really wanted to go on the race circuit.
Challenge Anneka – thought the intro credits rocked. Also, blatent abuse of local Homebase stores.

Other things I remember clips of but can’t identify the program….

What was that one where the kids had to solve clues and run through different rooms of a house finding stuff? (the audience could see it all – it was like a huge wendy house with no front wall).

There was also a game where the kids were ‘shrunk’ and had to grab letters from a giant soup bowl and make up a word or something.

Any contributions/additions welcomed!