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Okay. The rather unexpected traffic from Slashdot has subsided now – that was fun 🙂 and I’m happy to report that my site stayed up throughout! Excellent.

So… what else has been happening in the world of Sven lately? I went to see the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra play at the Southampton Rosebowl on the 31st Aug with my friend, Sarah. That was very good and we had a great evening. I have a few photos from my phone, but they aren’t too good (also, note to self: next time take something to sit on).

Speaking of phones I have a new one. Nokia 3650. Java and GPRS enabled so I can blog on the move (although doing so too often brings cries of ‘you sad muppet’ from those around me…). I wouldn’t have gone for such a big phone but the four requirements I had (infrared, bluetooth, vibrating alert and voice dialling) were only satisfied by that phone, and some awful other Nokia….. I also switched to Vodafone since Orange were really starting to piss me off with their flaky coverage and Pay as you Go’s expensive calls.

The Blogger API is now at a stage where I can post to the blog from one of many applications (also, as above, from mobile devices too…) – I just want to add MetaWeblog support now, then wait for the Echo/Atom API to come around and get to work on that as well.

In the near future, I’m looking forward to going to IBM for five days near the end of this month, for an E-Business course. Sounds great, and it’s all paid for.

Finally, in the immediate future, tomorrow I’ll be calling up my university to find out whether my Theory of Computing retake went well. I could have an entire set of posts dedicated to my gripes about the system….. but I’ll leave it for now 😉

I realise as well, I really need to get categorisation sorted out. You’ve probably just read through that entire article hoping for some interesting gossip about RSS or Coronation Street, and have had to read through my life story instead 😛

Post from Blogger API

After being Slashdotted the other day I’d decided to avoid posting for a bit (they’d not used the permalink so the latest post was the most visible) but I’ll post more v. soon now!

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