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As if Five were Enough

I decided to get a new computer the other day. I also finally bit the bullet and got a DVD Writer (something I’ve been meaning to do for ages but the price was prohibitively high). Part of the new computer’s tasks, alongside menial backups and websurfing when main PC was busy, was to write DVDs.

I’ve gotta say, I’m impressed! The PC Chips Motherboard with onboard everything (including CPU) works quite well. The CPU is 734Mhz, but since I’m not using it for games it works fine. it has 256Mb and an 80Gb hard disk, totalling something like £150 – inc. VAT. Hooray for eBuyer.

As is mentioned countless times in the reviews (although I misread them slightly) – you need to swap the ‘Clear CMOS’ jumpers over so it’s off. I also discovered (I’ve never built a computer before) that you need RAM installed before the computer agrees to power up 🙂

If anything goes tits-up I’ll reveal, but so far I’m quite impressed.