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The Linux graphical environment just confuses me sometimes. I’ve installed Redhat 9 on my shiny new computer, and windows seem to take ages to load – Mozilla is incredibly slow to load, as are most other apps and Terminal (which I’m admittedly more comfortable in anyway) won’t load. It just says “Starting Terminal” on the taskbar for about 10 seconds then disappears with no error. I’ve heard (from m’learned Linux-friendly colleagues) that I’m using the wrong ‘window manager’ – I’m using KDE I think – it was one of the two default options so I’d assume it would be fast/reasonable enough!

Help!? Should it really be this slow?

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Last night, while in Portsmouth, a friend suggested that we visit the sweet shop. It was 12:30am. I thought he’d finally lost it, but lo and behold, the shop was open. This, in my books, is amazing.

So, if you’re in Portsmouth in the middle of the night with a sudden craving for licquorice allsorts or Murray Mints, go to Albert Road (I think), between the King’s Theatre and the pub on the corner. The people there are very friendly and there is a huge selection of confectionary.

We call it the Vampire sweet shop. It’s open freakishly late. Tell your friends.