The One Where Sven Finally Loses It

Channel 4 in the UK often have the piss taken out of them on satirical programmes for showing Friends a little too often. Today they are showing the final episode and are, well, ensuring that every last ounce of your soul is sucked out well before then:

12:00     News at Noon
12:30     Friends
13:00     Friends
13:30     Friends
13:55     Friends
14:20     Friends
14:50     Friends
15:15     Countdown
16:00     Friends
16:30     Friends
17:00     Richard & Judy
18:00     Friends
18:30     Hollyoaks
19:00     Channel 4 News
19:30     Friends
20:00     Big Brother’s Little Brother
21:00     Friends
22:00     Big Brother: Live Launch Show

(There was also an episode at 7.30 this morning…)

Did I mention that Channel 4 follow Friends with the launch of a new series of Big Brother? Yet more tripe polluting our screens*.

*The author acknowledges that Big Brother is still enjoyed by some people and the views expressed here are his own opinion and not that of the majority of the population, although it does feel like nobody really cares any more. Except those of you who still watch it religiously. In fact, why are you even reading this? If you tune into E4 right now you can see some random bloke on the toilet, two highly-opinionated women cackle over some soap plotline for half an hour, and a load of chickens in a coop preparing to meet their creator as they snuff it as part of another tacky competition challenge. Go on, go watch it. It’s cloudy anyway, suns gone in and you’d probably burn in the light too. You’re not missing anything in the real world. Seriously, I’ll let you know.

Sorry. I really can’t stand Channel 4 any more 🙂