…and what a week

The week is up. I’m back in Gosport and things are going well. I am now no longer studying, which is a massive relief. I am also no longer working here as of today, and will be starting here in July (well… starting full time). Had three other offers (one of them from Netcraft – blimey!) but chose DuckDriver in the end. Partly because of the name. Also because they (well, me in a former life) built 1DO3, which continues to draw a tidy audience.

Here’s a random photo from Swansea. Enjoy.
Swansea picture

And here’s what I’ve been spending far too many hours on today.

Thumbnail of can image
I’m still getting to grips with 3D rendering, so this was a good way to get to grips with boolean objects and NURBS. Fun fun fun.