Some thoughts

Purely random thoughts today – it’s one of those days.

  • Have you ever noticed (maybe this is a South of England thing) how people say ‘I mean…’ all the time. It’s a bit like the word ‘like’ that seems to be injected into fairly random places in some American speakers’ sentences.
  • On the back of car park and cinema tickets there’s always a note that says ‘advertise in this space, call….’ and almost never an actual advert. That seems like a pretty bad sign (if they never have any actual advertisers), and surely discourages others from taking up ads there?
  • Do petrol tanker lorries run out of petrol very often? If so, are they allowed to use their own supplies?

Been incredibly busy lately creating websites (or rather, the system to create websites… the mother of all systems). Back to blogging shortly.