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Memeflow Goto is an AJAX-based service that allows you to build your own homepage. It’s a little bit cluttered in my view (why see URL, title, X and # on every single item – it’s so visually dense) but still promising.

There seems to be an appetite for this homepage stuff, and Microsoft, Google and Yahoo! already know that. Look forward to plenty more of these kinds of services from eager programmers in the coming months.

3 thoughts on “Personalised Homepages”

  1. Hmm, sounds very much like the system I envisioned nearly 2 years ago, and utilise on my local system. I’ve tried a couple of these systems recently, and so far I’m most impressed with Google’s, especially it’s ability to include RSS feeds. It isn’t however great for adding bookmarks. Yahoo’s isn’t particularly impressive I don’t think, and page load times are poor. Protopage is another example working in a similar way, although still only experimental I believe.

    I still don’t think that anything beats a simple local webpage, with super-quick load time, laid out exactly as you want it, and easily editable.

  2. Yes – Protopage is very good and looks like it has a lot of interesting things to come. I failed to add it to the original post.

    Problem with local webpage, easily editable is that (if you mean local in literal sense) assumes either the user is running a local webserver with server-side code, or they have a separate program running. And, of course, you can’t transfer it between PCs.

  3. That’s very true, and I am running a webserver… transferring it between PC’s is an issue, which is why I love the Google page, however if you’ve got a laptop, perhaps that isn’t such an issue. I’ve yet to find a service that completely meets my needs beeter than something created myself, although this obviously isn’t *yet* an option for the wider public. Now what if it became a built in browser feature… now that would be immensely useful.

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