Movie roundup

Been to see a few movies lately – here’s a two minute summary (scores are out of 100)

Revolver – Guy Ritchie’s latest movie. A potentially interesting storyline pissed all over in the last half hour. 65

A Very Long Engagement – French movie from director Jean Pierre Jeunet, a follow-on from Amélie (one of my all-time favourite movies). It’s not a sequel, but Audrey Tautou and other familiar faces reappear in this flick. Not as good as Amélie, but still well worth watching. I enjoyed it. 75

Pride & Prejudice – I’ve read the book, but didn’t see the Colin Firth BBC series. Well enough played by the actors, but the camerawork is a bit distracting at times. If you’re a bloke, take a girl with you. This is basically a chick flick (although i want to see the TV series now) 80

Dukes of Hazzard – I was expecting this to be silly and rubbish. It turned out to be silly and rather good. Thoroughly enjoyed it, and the casting was perfect… 85

Still to see,
Serenity – TV series was ace
A Scanner Darkly – strange enough to be interesting