Link Catchup

Right, I haven’t posted anything particularly interesting lately, so here’s a bit of a catch-up:

  • Google Spreadsheets is released, albeit to a limited group – looks like an interesting AJAX app. Bit on the thin side by the looks of things, but then how many people use Excel for anything more complicated than accounts or modelling?
  • Portsmouth is set to become the first city in the UK to implement a city-wide 20mph speed limit.
  • Windows Vista Beta 2 is now generally available – although it looks like their servers are swamped!
  • The Tories could be offering spaces to bloggers at their annual conferences (nothing new – see also 2004 US Elections, but still something to keep track of)
  • For those of you that are interested, the Blogtalk conference this year is Oct 2-3 at Vienna in Austria. I went a couple of years ago – it was a great conference and the city is gorgeous! Still in two minds about this year though.
  • In other news I have just returned from a canal holiday. Photos soon!