A new browser

Now that Firefox 2 is out, I decided to give it a go. A while ago I switched from Firefox to Flock, as it has very nice built-in tools for Flickr and blogging.

The only significant problem I’ve ever had (with Firefox and Flock) has been with the browser locking up for 20 seconds at a time, particularly (but not exclusively it seems) when loading a Flash-intensive page. Downloading a Flash blocker didn’t help, and I’ve trawled the (huge) Firefox bug tracker lists looking for solutions but to no avail.

Fortunately, touch wood and all that, Firefox 2 doesn’t seem to suffer from this problem. It’s a nice neat browser, fairly compact and seems to have a very quick, responsive interface and better loading times.

I can do without the Flickr niceties, so that isn’t a problem. Blogging capability is available using the Deepest Sender plugin (the About page cites ‘Depressed Teen’ as one possible anagram of this. ironic if you’ve even seen some of the blogs on Myspace …)