Blik op de Weg

Blik op de Weg is a Dutch TV show following the traffic police of the Netherlands. It’s a lot like Police Camera Action in the UK. Through my vague understanding of the Dutch language, I managed to enjoy this week’s episode with a particular focus on tractors.

Among the mix was a 24-metre long tractor (had about four large trailers on the back of it), a 3.8 metre-wide tractor with large metal spikes (!) on each side. Cars and cyclists had to get well out of the way. After the police finally pulled it over, they attached some metal framework around the spikes and let him go!?

The little ‘feature’ of a bloke who’d been pulled for driving a quadbike on the road was a bit odd(I think they’re legally required to drive on the fietspad – cycle path). After the police had a chat, the programme then did a short interview with the teenage driver, including some footage of him showing off his souped up quad, driving at speed (80km/h!) on a cycle path. I’m sure if they did that in the UK somebody would complain about condoning reckless driving or something.

Anyway, Blik op de Weg also has a website, including one section where readers are invited to send in their own pictures ‘from the road’. Here are some of my favourites – I’ve seen a few before elsewhere on the net but some are new and very funny. Although the site is in Dutch it’s still fairly easy to navigate:

* Ok as a Brit I can explain – this sign appears after fords (small rivers that cross the road). It’s usually on the same pole as the ‘Ford’ road sign warning oncoming drivers of the hazard.