The Annoyance List

Things that have been pissing me off recently (I feel like a bit of a rant):

  • iTunes for Windows. It steals focus from your other windows, seems to crash all the time and refuses to close if the Store won’t load for whatever reason.
  • The Mars bar advert in Lord of War Region 2 release that you can’t fast forward through. Is the DVD any cheaper in return? Like fudge it is, but they steal 30 seconds of my life every time I want to watch that film.
  • RSS feeds that only show the first few words and make you go to th …. I get why they’re annoying now I’ve started using aggregators.
  • Paper milk cartons. Bloody things are impossible to open properly.
  • Call centres where… how shall we say this…. where English is not the first language. How much does your bank want your continued custom? They want you so much they slash their front-line customer support team and ship it offshore. That’s really saying something.
  • Unnecessarily noisy cars. I get a hole in my exhaust sometimes, it’s not nice and I go to the garage to get it fixed. Some people make their car sound that way.
  • Trackbacks mixed in with comments. So very unhelpful.

There we are. Much better 🙂