Free Utilities

Some websites are just useful.

Recently I’ve had a need to watch file resources. I wanted to know why my hard disk was perpetually active (thinking the worst: a virus). Then I remembered a useful utility on a website called – it’s called Filemon and lists disk activity in real time (which processes are opening which files; it’s quite interesting in a sad way). has a load of other freeware goodies, all for looking after your computer. As of this evening, Sysinternals looks like it’s been taken over by Microsoft which makes a lot of sense considering how many of their KB articles reference its very handy tools! appeared on another dig, and hosts a bunch of slightly more obscure tools for various bits.

AnalogX is an old favourite: lots of useful applications for fun and work.

Any other useful (preferably free) sites crammed with the authors’ work around that I’ve missed?