WMWifiRouter is a fantastic little tool for your Windows Mobile PDA/Phone that creates an ICS bridge between wifi and the data connection… roughly speaking it turns your phone into a Wifi Router.

Considering I’ve been faffing about for ages trying to get the drivers working for my laptop (with little success) the ease with which this little utility ran was astounding. Simply create an ad-hoc wifi network (I suggest securing it…), run the program and connect to the network from your laptop. You’ll probably need to fiddle with IP addresses, but there are detailed instructions on a link from the program’s homepage.

It also means I can make more use of my Nokia tablet, since bluetooth pairing never seemed to work. Bonus!

I’m seriously considering getting a ‘3’ USB modem in the near future for my various remote internet needs, but this is a very nice instant solution (just wish I’d had it for my daily train commutes to London).

BTW – does anybody have any first-hand experience with ‘3’ and USB Modems? They look decent enough, but what are customer support & connectivity actually like?