Alcohol-Free Beer

As the usual designated driver, I’m sick to the flippin’ teeth of Coke, Orange, and J2O makes me ill (far too sweet), so I’ve recently been buying alcohol-free beer. Kaliber is okay, and Beck’s is decent enough. I’ve also tried C2 (not alcohol-free but reduced) and that’s rather nice. Alcohol-free Kopperberg is nice, but again far too sweet.

The selection in most pubs I’ve been to is not great (normally Beck’s), and to be honest nowadays we just tend to go to people’s houses instead, so a trip to the local Co-op is normally in order. Beck’s was the only one there too. looks like an interesting option. Just chanced upon it this evening, and it looks like a good place to shop for the driver who likes the taste, but not the consequences, of regular beer. They also have wine, cider and food on offer.

Unfortunately it’s too late to put an order in for tonight. Whatever you do this evening, have a good time and Happy New Year!