Raspberry Pi Bookmarks

I have a lot of things saved in my bookmarks that never see the light of day. Time for some housekeeping! This selection is on the Raspberry Pi – more categories will hopefully come soon

Pi Basics

GPIO basics – getting an LED to turn on Rasberry Pi | GPIO Examples 1 – A single LED | Gordons Projects

How I shutdown my Raspberry Pi | Claudio Dawson d’Angelis Homepage

http://raspberrycolocation.com/ – Hosting for the Raspberry Pi (€3,- monthly, hosted in Amsterdam)

http://www.raspberry-asterisk.org/ – Asterisk (phone system) hosted on a Raspberry Pi


Jeremy’s Blog: Motion Google Drive Uploader and Emailer – whenever motion is detected from a Raspberry Pi webcam, this script will upload it to Google Drive. See also Jeremy’s Blog: Battery powered, Wireless, Motion detecting Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi • View topic – Mplayer using the GPU or OMXplayer looping seamlessly

Fotosyn » Simple timelapse camera using Raspberry Pi and a coffee tin

Some projects! Top 10 Things to Connect to Your Raspberry Pi | Raspberry Pi Spy

Looking at kiosk-style web interfaces for Raspberry Pi:

Creating a Web Kiosk – ArchWiki

Chromium – ArchWiki

Keeping Good Time

The Raspberry PI doesn’t have a hardware clock like regular PCs, so we either have to connect it to the Internet (to sync online), attach an external clock or signal receiver, or completely fake it.

This is the faking option: architecture++: fake-hwclock for Arch Linux Arm on Raspberry Pi (using systemd)

OpenNTPD – ArchWiki

Wifi for the Pi

Wireless Setup for Arch Linux

RPI-Wireless-Hotspot – eLinux.org

Hostapd : The Linux Way to create Virtual Wifi Access Point | Foo, Bar and Foobar

Jens Segers – Realtek RTL8188 based access point on Raspberry Pi


Never got round to doing anything with this, but one day …

Ted’s Linux MIDI Guide

Midichlorians in the blood: The MIDI Connection