HSBC Site not Working?

Interesting – the HSBC website appears to only deliver content in GZip. Any user agent trying to get to it that does not support GZip (through the Accept-Encoding header) will just get nothing from the server (it holds the connection but delivers nothing).

If, for whatever reason, you’re trying to get to the HSBC website with a simpler (ie. non-mainstream) browser this might be why. I’ve been getting very slow and funky (ie. corrupt) images in Firefox for a while – wonder if it’s related?

Customer Care?

A few months ago I wrote an email to the customer services people of a major UK railway company, asking how a major redevelopment of one of their stations would affect my (and others’) travel. I’m still waiting for a response.

A few weeks ago I emailed a fairly substantial phone service company pointing out that their 0845 number was incorrectly advertised as ‘free-phone’, and that if this were clarified I might consider using the service. Again, still waiting.

Last night I sent an email to a food review website pointing out a small error on their page. This morning I got a polite response, a thank-you and a commitment to fix the issue.